Model Forest Istria

The idea of establishing a Model Forest “River Mirna Basin” resulted from the need to affiliate all representatives of the territory in order to gather knowledge and encourage the participation in the valorisation and management of natural resources.  The Model Forest is trying to include both economic and social development and, within the scope of the common vision, achieve a sustainable development of the rural territory. Partnership of the Model Forest consists of municipalities and cities, tourist offices, private and public agencies, public institutions, private and public businesses, trades, associations and individuals.

The Region of Istria became a member of the International and Mediterranean Model Forest Network by signing the Memorandum of understanding with which all interested parties declare to actively participate in the Network activities and support the creation of at least one Model Forest on its territory.

The regional government has on its meeting on the 13th of May, 2008 issued a decision to accept the Memorandum of understanding and to become a member of the Mediterranean Model Forest Network. The members of the Model Forest could be regions of the European Union and potential member countries, as well as national administrative bodies in charge of development of forestry and the Model Forest in the Mediterranean region.  

All activities that preceded the registration of the association Model Forest “River Mirna Basin” have been done in the period between 2009 and 2012 through the project of the European programme for territorial cooperation MED which had included regions on the Northern rim of the Mediterranean.

This project included the Region of Istria, Regions Castilla y Leon and Murcia from Spain, Provence and Azure coast, and Corsica from France, Sardinia from Italy and two Greek regions Magnesia and Western Macedonia. 

The content of the project “Model Forest – new tool for territorial governance” was the research of the concept Model Forest on the Mediterranean and coordination of regional forest policies with the goal of improving territorial governance.

Thus, the Model Forest concept is an innovative instrument of “territorial governance” with a comprehensive approach which is fully compatible with the modern needs of forestry on the Mediterranean.

VISION Why to establish the Model forest?

In the Model Forest territory we are trying to achieve the sustainable management of forest and the Mirna River, in order to encourage economic activities related to valorisation of forest and agricultural resources with the promotion of cultural and natural values of this area.

MISSION (How we will achieve the vision?)

The activities of the Model Forest are based on an open and responsible cooperation between partners whose interests and needs are different, but they are united with a wish to contribute to economic, social and environmental well-being of the area where they live and work.