Protection of nature, communication and education

Objective No. 1 Education and informing about the protected areas and natural values

Sub goal: Raise the level of ecological awareness and knowledge about the nature and environment conservation.


Cultural and rural tourism

Objective No. 1 Development of the destination and brand of the Model Forest “River Mirna Basin”

Sub goal: Prevent the population outflow from the Model Forest area 


Agriculture, cattle breeding and sustainable development

Objective No. 1: Encourage the development of sustainable agriculture in the whole area of the Model Forest


Non-wood forest products

(truffles, mushrooms, wild and medicinal plants, hunting fund, wild fruits and berries…)

Objective No. 1 Protection of the habitat of non-wood forest products


Forestry, hunting and renewable energy sources

Objective No. 1 Education and consulting of private forest owners

Sub goal: Sustainable development of private forests and forest resources